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The Firm
Our Experience, Your Success

Arnaud Claude & Associés began its practice in 1987 as an association between Michel Leibovci, Arnaud Claude and Nicolas Sarkozy. Since its beginning, the firm strategy has been one of external development by integrating experienced lawyers such as Robert Farré in 1988, specialist in business and corporate law and Michel Troquier in 1992, specialist in takings, thereby completing Michel Leibovici's and Arnaud Claude's respective specializations in the fields of economic law and real estate law.

Today, twenty lawyers make all of their knowledge, know-how and experience available to the firm's clients, in order to advise them in their day-to-day activities, accompany them in achieving their projects and provide all necessary assistance in any litigation they may be involved in.

Private and public institutions, French and foreign craftsmen, small and medium-sized firms and major international groups, as well as numerous companies have put their trust in the firm, some for more than twenty years, to advise, assist and represent them in all its areas of practice.

The firm's clientele today includes territorial local authorities, public-private partnerships, public social housing offices, national and international insurance firms and companies, real estate promoters, automobile manufacturers, banks and financial and credit institutions, as well as a vast clientele of private individuals. Helping them to succeed is our greatest reward.

Our Teams Serving our Clients

The firm expanded its areas of practice while diversifying its activity in particular in the fields of labor law, banking law and industrial liability law.

It has done so by progressively bringing on associates whose area of specialization or dominant activity meets the needs of the clientele; this enables the firm to provide its clients with teams that are dedicated to their type of activity.

The firm has concomitantly reinforced its international practice by integrating lawyers admitted to foreign bars or who have undergone foreign university or professional training, and by developing close ties with firms on each continent. The firm is thereby able to rapidly and effectively handle all international legal matters referred to it.

Our ambition is to be worthy of your trust

Our policy is that the relationship between a lawyer and his client is first and foremost one of trust. Our primary goal is to merit such trust that is placed in our firm by our clients.

To achieve such trust, the firm undertakes and is intransigent in strictly complying with its commitments.

This is accomplished by total and unconditional devotion. Since defending your interests is our business, our teams are comprised of highly qualified attorneys and lawyers who are always available to our clients in order to promptly meet their requests. This is achieved by having a documentation center that is complete and state-of-the-art IT and communication tools.

This is accomplished by accompanying our clients in a personalized and permanent manner. Since each of our clients is unique, each matter entrusted to us receives special attention and is handled by a particular lawyer. This lawyer ensures that he or she is assisted by a team that is the most adapted to efficiently meet a client's specific expectations.

This is accomplished by strict transparency. No action is taken without the prior agreement of the client with respect to the task entrusted to us, the objectives as well as compensation.


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